CTS Expands with Their Addition of Multiple High Performance Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators

CTS Electronic Components, Incorporated has introduced three high performance oven controlled crystal oscillators with their development of Model 122, Model 144, and Model 148.

These oscillators use a distinctive resonator that is heated internally, which vastly reduces power consumption (1W at +25ºC). These new high performing, low power oscillators were showcased at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium in June.

Model 122, an ultra-high stability OCXO uses the double oven and IHR technologies to offer under 1W of power consumption. It has the ability to hold high frequency stability to ±0.2ppb over -10 ºC to +60 ºC and ±0.2ppb/day aging (for 10MHz). The packaging for this device is a 20 x 20 mm space. At this time, frequencies are accessible from 8MHz to 100MHz.

Typical applications for Model 122 include:
• Rubidium standard replacement
• GPS disciplined frequency standards
• Instrumentation
• Communication systems

Model 144 is an ultra-low power miniature low profile oscillator. This model uses a distinct heating technology that enables prime performance at just 0.15W. This device’s SC cut crystal is located inside a TO-8 vacuum package and is compatible with DIL-14, which decreases its weight, power consumption and warm-up time (30 seconds). Additionally, this part is highly stable (±5ppb over -30 ºC to +70 ºC) and it has excellent performance with phase noise as low as -170dBc/Hz floor at 100MHz. The part offers a large frequency range from 8MHz to 120MHz.

Applications frequently used with Model 144 include:
• Portable wireless communications
• Mobile test equipment
• Synthesizers
• Battery powered applications

Last but not least, Model 148 is an ultra-low power shock resistant miniature oscillator. It has very low power consumption of less than 0.23W. Its strong mechanical construction allows durability of up to 500G of mechanical shock. The device’s SC cut crystal is housed inside a TO-8 vacuum package and is DIL-8 compatible, drastically reducing its weight, power consumption, and warm-up time (60 seconds). Also, the part is highly stable (up to 10 ppb over 0 ºC to +70 ºC) while upholding excellent performance with phase noise as low as -166dBc/Hz floor at 10MHz. It offers frequencies from 8MHz to 100MHz.

Typical Model 148 applications include:
• Portable and battery fed wireless applications
• Mobile test equipment
• Beacons and rescue systems
• Equipment that is subjected to high shock and vibration conditions.

For more information on these High Performance Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators, please visit our website.

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