Small Footprints! Johanson Dielectrics BME Mini-Switchmode® Capacitors

This new series of miniature switchmode power supply filter capacitors uses BME (Base Metal Electrode) construction to achieve 300-400% capacitance increases and component size reductions compared to their PME (Precious Metal Electrode) counterparts per the examples below.

BME Size / Capacitance Comparison
Technology Chips Volts Max. Cap.
PME 1x 1825 50V 1.2μF
BME 1x 1812 50V 4.7μF
PME 2x 2225 100V 4.4μF
BME 2x 2220 100V 22μF


  • High Capacitance, Small Size
  • Low ESR/ESL
  • Leadframe reduces chip stresses
  • Green / RoHS Compliant


  • DC-DC Converters
  • Power Supply Input Filters
  • Power Supply Output Filters

Please contact your Catalyst Sales representative for further information.

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