RCD’s SWIFT Program Delivers Inventory Faster Than Ever!

RCD Components implemented their SWIFT program which provides fast resistor delivery, getting even unique stock items to you within one week!

RCD has tripled their inventory in an effort to deliver to customers requiring high volume products directly from what they have in stock. Customers can now get resistors, capacitors and inductors exactly when they need them. RCD Components now has manufacturing options in N.H. which allows back-up offshore capacity with even more state-of-the-art equipment.

RCD’s ability to expand their distribution base has made it even easier to purchase RCD components!

RCD advertises: More types.More ratings.More innovations. Than ANYONE.

Not only does RCD’s inventory include popular items, it also has an endless range of resistors, capacitors and inductors with a large selection of styles, values and sizes.

With over 3000 standard stock items (and almost 2.5 billion pieces) guarantees timely delivery to customers requiring even the highest volume.

RCD’s new products allow customers more variety and choices to choose from to meet their specific needs. In fact, RCD is advancing so quickly that they have created more original products in just the last few years than the majority of their competitors ever do in their full line of products. It only makes sense that RCD is the leader in SMD development!


If you need an item that is not standard stock, RCD’s new SWIFT program will deliver to you within just one week, regardless of whether or not it is a custom resistor or network!

The purpose of the SWIFT program is to enable fast delivery to customers who find themselves in a dilemma. The typical lead time is one week. The SWIFT program is available for precision and power wirewounds, metal film, low-ohm, fusible, surge resistant and temperate sensitive resistors. It is also an option with some surface mount resistors, custom networks, capacitors, inductors and delay lines. The lead time largely depends on the type, tolerance, quantity and existing backlog. For more details of specific products you can contact the factory.

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