RCD Has the Widest Range of Passive Components!

The industry’s widest range of passives.

In addition to a full line of standard components, RCD has been a key supplier of commercial & military-grade specialty products for 40 years, including some of the world’s smallest, largest, high/low temp extreme, high vibration/ power/ voltage/ current/ frequency and most stable state-of-the-art components ever made…

– Precision film/ foil/ wirewound resistors to .001%

– Wirewound/ film/ composition resistors to 10KW

– Surge & HV resistors to 30Kjoules/ 300KV

– Shunts & low-ohm current sense resistors to 15KA

– Specialty fusing, microwave & hi-temp caps & resistors

– Critical-use hi-rel components for mil/ space/ medical

– Heat-sink/ water-cooled components, braking resistors

– Thick & thin film chips, pulse-proof, sulphur-resistant

– Tantalum & ceramic capacitors, low ESR, HV to 40KV

– Thick/thin-film resistor networks, arrays, IPC’s

– R/C snubbers, hybrids, voltage dividers

– Thick film on steel, planar, and TO heat sink resistors

– Choice of RoHS or SnPb plated terminations

– SM & leaded inductors/ transformers/ choke coils

– Active/ passive/ programmable delay lines

– Most items available in 1-week on SWIFT™ program

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