RCD Components Inc

RCD Components INC. is a producer of fixed resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines at a leading national level.

RCD was founded in 1973, and at the time, was a power wire wound resistor producer. RCD quickly proved their leadership in this market in the area of ultra precision resistors.

RCD is involved around the world in the design, production and marketing of one of the broadest products of passive components of the industry.

RCD has not only has facilities in the United States, but also facilities located in the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, which are specifically designed for medium to high volume production, guaranteeing the most competitive pricing within the industry.

RCD has established such a position with their global manufacturing capabilities, combined with their employees of now over 600 people. As stated above, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia are responsible for the large volume efficiency managed within the plants.

The majority of RCD’s 40 plus years have consisted of private labeling the products for other resistor and inductor firms.

What makes RCD unique is their customer interaction. They refer to themselves as a “BIG small company”, which describes them perfectly. RCD is sizable enough to tackle the volume aspect of the industry, but small enough that they are able to care about and interact with their customers on a personal level. RCD’s experienced technical sales staff will handle any phone calls you make to RCD, AND their corporate headquarters and SWIFT production facility are located in the good ol’ USA, in Manchester NH. No foreign accents to decipher and interpret! (No racial discrimination was intended by the previous sentence).

RCD’s Regional Account Managers extensively trained, customer centric, and one of the best sales teams within the industry.

When RCD Components INC received the prestigious Better Business Bureau (BBB) 2012 Torch Award in the Large Business category, Howard Brodsky, CEO of CCA Global Partners, BBB Board Chairman commented that the founder of RCD, Louis Arcidy Sr., “…was a charismatic and innovative dynamo who ran the company like his family and made sure every employee, customer, supplier and even competitor was treated with respect. His enthusiasm for creating new ways to improve was contagious. While he is with them now only in spirit, his high ethical standards and character are creatively built into RCD policies, procedures and permeate their very culture.”

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