Johanson Technology September 2012 Newsletter

ADI Reference Design

Analog Devices has released a JTI-based reference design using impedance matched RF front-end balun p/n: 2450BM14E0007 designed to work seamlessly with ADF7241 and ADF7242 2.4GHz RF transceivers. This balun-harmonic filter from Johanson Technology considerably simplifies and effectively reduces the RF front-end component count and layout space. This component is 100% RF tested by JTI giving you high system yields and cutting down time-to-market design lead times. For more info such as Gerber and design files go to:

High Capacitance MLCC for Wire-Bond Applications

Johanson Technology has developed a High Capacitance MLCC for chip and wire applications. This new product is for ultra-compact / dense IC packages and fiber-optic devices. We have limited samples of the 160R04W103M available for qualified opportunities. We will manufacture other values and sizes when opportunities/needs are identified. The preliminary datasheet is attached.

New High Rejection BPF with LGA Terminations

Our brand new BPF has the highest close-to-pass-band rejection 2.45GHz BPF with the smallest footprint ever made by us in an 0805 package. It uses an LGA termination for reduced real-estate usage. This component is in full production and has no MOQ required. Great 30dB min Atten @2170MHz. Samples and EVBs immediately available. P/N 2450BP15Q0100.

New Miniature 2.45GHz 1:1 RF Balun

Johanson has released its newest miniaturized component: New EIA 0402 RF 1:1 Balun (50ohm balanced to 50ohm unbalanced) designed for low-profile, space constraint, low loss battery powered applications. This new balun component offers comparable performance than its larger counterparts, even though it is 1/5th the size of most 1:1 narrowband baluns out on the market. Samples and evaluation boards are immediately available. P/N 2450BL07A0050.

Please contact Catalyst Sales for additional information 724-444-4500.

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