GEI Components – Good Things Still Come In Small Inductor Packages

The new line inductor from GEI Inc. in joint partnership with Hong Technology Group:

  • Announcing the new joint partnership between GEI Inc. and Hong Technology Group.
  • High quality inductors at extremely competitive prices.
  • Ultimate control of production from design to delivery.
  • Types:
    • DROM Chokes
    • Ferrite Beads
    • High Current Chokes
    • Line Filters
    • Multilayer Chips
    • Multilayer Chip Beads
    • Peaking Coils
    • Power Chokes
    • Sheilded
    • Wire Wound Chips
    • and more.
  • Uses:
    • telecommunication systems
    • lighting control systems
    • automotive
    • appliances
    • audio and video systems
    • electronic equipment and gadgets
    • many more applications.

Custom design is also available. Please contact your Catalyst Sales Representative for further details.

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