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Dialight, the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, is pleased to offer a variety of state of the art LED lighting components such as vertical light pipes, panel mount indicators, and LED panel mounts. See featured highlights below about these mechanisms.

For more product information, visit www.dialight.com.

Here is the latest episode of TechTalk with Tom Griffin about the new Light Pipes by Dialight.

Vertical Light Pipes

Dialight is proud to present a new line of vertical light pipes. These pipes are ideal for building automation, handheld devices, and other industrial applications where light needs to be transferred from a parallel PC board, or the environment is subject to shock and vibration.

  • Excellent solution for PCB products that are parallel to the panel and in need of some form of indication
  • Available in two mounting types: PCB and Panel Mount
    • PCB are recommended for applications with multiple light sources containing positive snap-fit mounting and are stacked in close proximity where cross talk and light bleed are concerns
    • Panel Mount pipes are cost-effective solutions to bring your light source closer to the panel
  • Varying lengths from .250” to 1.250”
    • Custom lengths available with small NRE charge
  • Optimum viewing angles in three lenses styles: Flat, Domed, and Convex
  • Designed for both single and multi-color LEDs
  • Ability to be used with a variety of LED packages including chip LEDs and PLCCs

Dialight has been a leading manufacturer of light pipes for network communication and electronic equipment for more than 10 years.

  • Panel Mount and PCB Mount light pipes are currently in production for single and multiple position products
  • Offers wide-viewing angle
  • Secure to panel by press-fit or heat staking
  • Provides circuit isolation from front panel
  • Impervious to failure, due to shock and vibration
  • Remains 90% more efficient than traditional light sources when delivering monochromatic light
  • LEDs are low-voltage and minimal power consumption

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