CTS Pro Audio Control – VR Series Panel Potentiometers

Today’s news involves new product release of CTS’s VR series panel potentiometers.

CTS, your partner in smart solutions, is a global leader in frequency control, emi filter and electromechanical components to the transportation, mil/aero, IT, industrial and medical markets

The new VR series pots are an expansion of an already robust offering of potentiometers and encoders from CTS

Size ranges from the miniature 9MM, the compact 11MM & 12MM available with LED illuminated shaft, as well as the standard 14MM

These new potentiometers offer rotational life from 5K to 30K cycles

A wide temperature range of -10 to 70c

As well as a variety of resistance and output options

CTS has a long history of serving the Pro Audio and lighting industries with products of high reliability, quality and innovation. These VR series Pots are a continued expansion of our offering to meet the demanding pro audio and lighting markets applications of: Keyboards and synthesizers, Instrument amplifiers and guitar effects

Other applications include:

  • Portable consumer electronics
  • Commercial appliances
  • And communication equipment

To find out more information about the new VR series potentiometers product features, common market applications, and performance characteristics, or how to obtain samples, please contact your local Catalyst salesperson.

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