CTS’ ClearPlex waveguide ceramic filter, changing the future of wireless devices

CTS introduces the ClearPlex waveguide ceramic filter, a revolutionary item in the wireless industry.

There is a growing demand for information via wireless devices as this need is projected to increase ten times by the year 2017. The problem with this imminent increase is the limited amount of bandwidth and capacity in this already over-loaded area.

The wireless industry has been working to conquer this challenge of bandwidth shortage by shifting from a macro-cell architecture, consisting of a few high-power base stations where large geographical areas are served, to a more prevalent model which uses lots of small cells. By themselves, these small cells cover only a small area, however, if they are combined into a group the offer the needed coverage while increasing the capacity all at the same time.

There is yet another dilemma with this method as well. Air-cavity filters have been the primary choice for macro-cell topology because their performance and power handling have proven superior. The problem with these air cavity filters is that they are large, heavy and expensive, making them undesirable for small-cell applications.

This is forcing design engineers to find a solution that will still produce a high level of performance, while also enabling affordability and space efficiency. CTS ClearPlex Waveguide ceramic filters provide just that solution!

CTS is a world leader in frequency products, ceramic and EMI filters, dip switches, potentiometers and sensors. The introduction of this revolutionary product will enhance the world of electronics, and allow for future growth for wireless devices.

Here’s what CTS has done to make this possible with their ClearPlex waveguide technology. This technology uses CTS’ patented mechanical structures and proprietary high quality ceramic formulations. It provides a filtering solution that meets the market’s needs for low cost, small size, and superior electrical performance.

Key attributes of the ClearPlex waveguide include:

  • Low insertion loss of less than 2.5 dB
  • Sharp rejection points reaching up to minus 80 dB
  • Passive intermodulation levels average minus 110 dBm

For more information on this revolutionary new product, please visit our website.

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