20-Year PowerStor Supercapacitors Enable High Reliability Applications

300 and 400 Farad XB and XV Series Deliver Reliability with the Longest Life Available for Cooper Bussmann’s High Power Supercapacitors

High Capacitance

300F and 400F versions for both the XB and XV Series provides long term power back-up and high peak current capability. Slower aging enables longer service life, operation at higher temperatures, or lower initial capacitance than competitors.

Environmentally Friendly

The RoHS compliant, halogen free, lead free XB Series contains no hazardous materials or presents any end-of-life disposal issues.

Industrial Operating Temperature Range

The XV Series’ wide -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range is ideal for harsh industrial environment and field-based telecom applications.

Ultra-Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)

Ultra-Low ESR (as low as 7mΩ for XB and 6mΩ for XV Series) increases the amount of power delivered to the load and ensures minimal voltage drop during peak current demand. And…compared to the competition, resistance increase with age is greatly reduced.

Long Operating Life

With an achievable operating life of 20-years, the PowerStor XB and XV Series supercapacitors enable longer end-equipment service life and will not need replacing.

Configurable for Voltage or Energy Storage

The XB and XV Series are easily configured in series and parallel to meet specific application requirements.

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