Dialight’s 657 Series of Flat and Domed Lenses

Dialight takes its 657 Series family of products one step further by combining flat and domed lens versions, which is perfect for use outdoors.

Dialight is a specialist in LED technology and is providing a flat and domed version of their well-known 657 series panel-mount indicator. These indicators offer a fully-sealed and potted design, which makes dust and water intrusion a non-factor and is also in compliance with IP67/NEMA 4X standards.

Utilizing the right-angle version high-impact, UV-stabilized lens material, the new indicators are available with tinted, diffused lenses in red, green, yellow, blue and orange as well as white diffused style to negate the ‘phantom effect’ in applications for outdoors.

These indicators are rugged and daylight viewable and are engineering for outdoor applications including lane control, signage, construction, transit and military vehicles. In other words, any place where vibration-resistant light source is a necessity.

The LED lights utilized in the indicators are energy efficient and enable as much as 100,000 hours of operation, greatly surpassing the life of most traditional light sources.

This family of products is available for purchase through Dialight’s global network of authorized distributors. Dialights calls the state of LED lighting technology with constant creations in light output, efficacy and reliability for total line of high-specification lighting fixtures created specifically for industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation and public infrastructure applications. These results are connected to Dialight’s continual commitment to making advancements in solid-state lighting products that greatly decrease maintenance, improves safety, ease disposal and are even more environmentally friendly, which, in turn reduces CO2 emissions, which is the main GHG contributor to global warming.

Dialight is unique with their high-specification range of products and is upholding their status of long-term global growth trends, and many of them are driven by government regulations and environmental initiatives. Included in this are up-to-date global infrastructure build-out, and the necessity for improvements to efficiency and dependability of the electrical grid. Dialight PLC is stationed in the UK and operated out of the USA with offices in the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany and Mexico.

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