NMB’s Proprietary Fan Trays

NMB developed proprietary fan trays for the purpose of meeting ongoing cooling solution needs from the telecom, heat exchanger and HVAC industries.

Due to the environmental thermal challenges occurring today, NMB is constantly working on their design, development and manufacturing of these custom fan tray assemblies.

Different NMB turn-key solutions include:

  • Local design and development
  • Enclosure design
  • High efficiency cooling devices
  • Intelligent controllers
  • Validation, reliability and compliance testing

Through the use of sophisticated thermal analysis and software simulation, NMB’s committed development center located in California will concentrate the user’s specific ideas into custom fan tray assemblies, enclosures and smart controllers for thermal cooling difficulties.

NMB’s wide options of AC and DC cooling fans, with ranges in size from 40mm to 172mm, including the most recent high efficiency motorized impellers ranging from 101mm to 280mm are accessible for fan tray designs for the use of the consumer.

NMB’s intelligent controllers are specifically designed and made for perfect thermal performance:

  • Single or multiple devices
  • Redundant/ single-point of failure proof design
  • Intelligent/ self-regulated control functions
  • Two-way communication with system for remote access
  • Wide voltage design

Every design validation and reliability testing, including compliance testing of all pertinent standards are provided by NMB’s engineering group.

Despite the design and development of NMB’s Custom Fan Trays will occur in the United States, the actual manufacturing of these trays will take place in Lopburi, Thailand, which is NMB’s world class factory. The production options include NMB’s vertically incorporated manufacturing procedures that ensure the industry’s highest standards, quality products and a short lead time.

As stated before, NMB USA Inc., is located in Chatsworth California and is the headquarters for Minebea’s North American Group of Companies. NMB USA was created in 1984 as a holding company to manage Minebea’s United States subsidiaries which are: Hansen Corporation, New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc., and NMB Technologies Corporation. The world-wide manufacturing abilities of Minebea supports all of the NMB USA companies.

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