NMB’s New IP69K Rated Cooling Fans – TechTalk with Tom Griffin

In this episode of TechTalk with Tom Griffin, Tom gives us a great overview of NMB’s New IP69K Rated Cooling Fans.

This is the only series of cooling fans that have achieved this rating offering the highest proven protection available against close range, high temperature, and high-pressure spray-downs. These fans are designed to be protected from environmental factors and are the desired component for harsh applications.

This new series of IP69K fans are available in 12, 24, and 48VDC with an air flow from 8 to 346 CFM. Sizes available range from 40mm up to 175mm and are available with a new metal casing which provides greater reliability in high temperature, and if desired, stainless NMB bearings with ceramic balls.

The IP69K rating provides protection against ingress of dust and high temperature, high-pressure water-making products with this certification ideal for use in conditions where equipment must be carefully sanitized. For instance, in industries such as food processing where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount, equipment must be able to withstand rigorous high pressure, high-temperature wash-down procedures. Also, in many industries where dust and dirt can be an issue.

With a lifetime of one hundred thousand hours and a range of sizes available from 40mm up to 175mm, the IP69K cooling fans are great for harsh environments both indoor and outdoor, factory automation, refrigeration, LED lighting system cooling, inverters, telecom, and horticulture.

The IP69K rating is the highest protection available. No other cooling fan manufacturer can offer IP69K rated cooling fans.

If you would like to learn more about NMB and their exciting new products, visit their website at: http://www.nmbtc.com/press/ip69k-nmb-fans/

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