NMB’s New Cooling Fan Online Tool

NMB Technologies, a Minebea Group Company and the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature precision ball bearings has just developed a new cooling fan visual selection tool!

As a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electro-mechanical components which include cooling fans and blowers, precision small motors and mechanical bearing assemblies, and a total solutions supplier of backlight and LED programmable drivers, NMB products can be attained in the personal computing, networking, telecommunications, home entertainment, home electronics and automotive, medical and industrial markets.

NMB has provided a new, user friendly dynamic online tool to make it easy for a user to see updates of NMB’s DC and AC axial cooling fans, impellers and blowers to enable quick product selection.

On October 10, 2013 NMB Technologies Corporation informed the public of the availability of a new tool found online that enables and allows for quick selection of NMB cooling fans. This new visual fan selector includes DC and AC cooling fans, DC impellers and blowers in one unique view.

The enthusiasm and capabilities that this tool brings to the table allow engineers to select the cooling fan that meets the requirements of their application in faster time than ever before. The selector includes the entire line of cooling fans that NMB has available, demonstrated by size, airflow, input power, rated voltage, static pressure and noise.

One highly important and appealing feature of this new tool is that it provides an updated list of all NMB cooling products, allowing the engineer to choose from a completely updated and current list at all times. After selecting the part number, the engineer is then shown a product listing where the data sheet, PQ chars, RoHS certifications and 3D CAD drawings when applicable, will be ready for review.

Clancy Statz, NMB cooling fan sales manager says, “The fan selector has been built in answer to our engineering community who requires a fast and accurate view of our complete product line. We believe it to be a great addition to our web site, and we look forward to creating more innovative solutions for our customers.”

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