NMB’s 10~20W LED drivers

NMB produced a programmable LED driver that is 10~20W and adds flexibility to any design.

It is able to do this because it offers the option to choose the driver’s output current, depending on the application’s requirements. This LED driver has the capability to be programmed as many times as needed to achieve perfect results.

The 10~20W LED Drivers from NMB are designed with special feature programmability and allow the design engineer the option to program the driver’s output current whenever necessary during the application of his design or even before the installation.

The designer is able to preset the LED driver’s output current which is required for his application, by using a simple programmable kit. The LED Driver is quickly and easily adjustable, and can be programmed as frequently as needed until the desired results are achieved!

These off the shelf, user-friendly constant current programmable LED drivers also include a 0~10V low voltage dimming function, and a total protection against short circuit, overvoltage, overload and over temperature. These drivers contain an IP66 rating and allow for design even where moisture or dust are prevalent. The new 22~40W drivers by NMB are also available with this same flexibility of design and programmability.

Whatever your current and forward voltage requirements may be, this simple programming interface is available to you online, as well as a quick driver selector tool to enable simple determination of which driver would best meet your needs.

Digi-Key, Newark and Arrow currently have NMB’s 10~20W LED Drivers in stock.

Designers are being assisted by NMB’s programmable LED Drivers daily with the flexibility that will demonstrate any design at its best.

NMB Technologies Corporation is a Minebea Group Company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature precision ball bearings and a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electro-mechanical components which include cooling fans and blowers, precision small motors and mechanical bearing assemblies, as well as programmable LED drivers.

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