NMB Sleeve Bearing Fans – Tech Talk with Tom Griffin

Today’s news is NMB’s® NEW lower cost family of Sleeve Bearing fans. These fans are available in a variety of sizes deliver higher performance and longer life at a lower cost than other Sleeve Bearing fans available in the market today

The 33 and 35mm fans are available in 5- and 12-VDC options, while the 40 and 50mm versions are offered in 12 and 24VDCs. CFM ranges from 20.5 for the smallest 25mm to 14.8 CFM for the larger 50mm fan.

Some advantages of these fans include:

COST vsl ball bearing fans

Longer Life – 30 40K hours of continuous use as opposed to 10K hours from competitors

Applications include:

  • Home security alarm control panels,
  • Home electronics,
  • DVD’s, cameras,
  • Audio/video equipment,
  • Medical and engineering test equipment

To learn more about NMB’s ® offering of Bearing Fans as well as other NMB products, contact your local Catalyst Sales person.

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