NMB Fall Focus

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Fall Focus – NMB Motors and NMB Fans

NMB Motors

NMB designs and manufactures small custom motors for their OEM customers. Available motors include hybrid stepper motors, permanent magnet stepper motors, fluid dynamic bearing motors, and smart actuator motors.

Permanent Magnet Motors otherwise called PM Stepping Motors use a permanent magnet as a rotor. NMB offers small, in diameter, PM stepping motors, from 3.4 mm to 55 mm diameters.

NMB PM Stepping Motors come in

  • Standard type
  • Small Diameter Type
  • High-Speed Type
  • Linear Type
  • And PM stepping motors with Gearbox
NMB Fans

NMB is a world leader in high quality and efficient fan motors

Their DC fan motors are driven by DC voltage rotate fans to cool the inside of home electrical appliances and other office automation equipment and exhaust the heat outside. DC fan motors use ball bearings manufactured by Minebea (Mini bea) or sleeve bearings.

DC blower fan motors are High power, high-efficiency fan motors developed for telecommunication equipment. These motors are used for the parts and components where a stronger airflow is required and they provide high reliability using Minebea (Mini bea) ball bearings.

NBM DC Fan Motors and DC Blower Fan motors are second to none when it comes to providing top level reliability and functionality.

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