Kyocera New Super High Bright TFT LCD

Kyocera has developed a new TFT LCD with an extended product life that is incredibly bright for most productivity and efficiency. The need for High bright industrial grade displays that possess a long life continues to expand and increase.

Applications for the Kyocera new super High Bright TFT LCD include: Point of sale terminals, industrial controls, Marine, Medical equipment and hand-held instruments, just to name a few.

This super bright TFT series of industrial displays is a transmissive TFT with LED backlight, anti-glare polarizer, LVDS interface as well as additional circuits which include a timing controller, 3.3 V input power supply with constant current circuit for the LED Backlight. The operating temperatures for this series are a wide range consisting of -30 to 80 degrees C.

Other features of the new super bright family are:

  • Advanced wide viewing technology (AVW measuring +/-85 degrees for both vertical and horizontal
  • Backlight lifetime of greater than 70k hours
  • Luminance of 1000 Cd/m2 and a 750:1 contrast ratio.

Kyocera has been recognized for years as a market leader in this field. When they achieved Optrex, that position was strengthened even more and this new super Bright family is the first product that Kyocera has released since this achievement.

Due to the super wide viewing technology that delivers true color with the finest optical performance, people are able to view images in sharp, vibrant color from any angle, without the influence of grey inversion.

The LED driver circuit is included into the LCD module, with complete dimming function, requiring no added components to drive the backlight. The backlight alone is

The LED driver circuit is integrated into the LCD module, with full dimming function, so no additional components are required to drive the backlight. The backlight itself is specially designed to provide lower power consumption by using the latest technology for LED chips and light guides.

This new family of color TFT displays includes a:

  • 7 inch WVGA
  • 8.4” SVGA, a 10.4” SVGA
  • 12.1” SVGA

Kyocera displays are ideal for sunlight reading, and possess long-life, high reliability color industrial display for the next project you wish to tackle.

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