Kyocera Displays

KYOCERA Display offers a solution to the issues that come along with solves the problems that come along with the delivery of highly readable and reliable displays for outdoor use with its line of TFT displays optimized with high brightness (greater than 600 nits luminance), anti-reflective surfaces, extended temperature ranges, and superior readability at ultra-wide viewing angles.

Below is a list of options offered by KYOCERA with their specs.

High Brightness TFT

Up to 1500 nits brightness, TFTs from KYOCERA Display provide legibility and image clarity in high ambient light environments, with display readability at angles up to 170 degrees.

Anti-Reflective (AR)

AR lessens surface reflectivity to approximately 0.3% with no decrease in luminance or contrast and no increase in power. KYOCERA Display AR coating is factory made and factory warranted.

Transflective TFT

The Transflective TFTs from KYOCERA Display provide both Reflective and Transmissive modes resulting in high light reflectance, for a “bright display”, despite direct sunlight.

Additional KYOCERA Display Technologies and Features for Outdoor Use Displays

  • Reverse Scan-a complement to outdoor use applications, the Reverse Scan enables the display’s scan to be programmed for best image quality when the intention is for a mounted display to be viewed from either above or below.
  • LED Backlight-This high efficiency, long lifetime LED backlight reduces the consumption of power with no warm-up time and no Mercury, enabling it to be environmentally friendly.

Kyocera Corporation was founded in Kyoto, Japan in 1959 when Dr. Kazuo Inamori and seven fellow colleagues set out on a start-up venture. These founders had the same goal in mind—to create a company completely dedicated to achieving the creation and production of new, high-quality products that dealt with advanced materials and avenues. Over four decades later, and this common goal has transformed into an incredibly successful enterprise known around the world.

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